Adult Guardianships & Seniors

Washoe Legal Services represents adults (protected persons) who are under the jurisdiction and protection of a court-appointed guardian.  Our attorneys ensure that the protected person’s rights are respected and provide them with an opportunity to oppose a guardianship petition should they choose to do so.  We also counsel clients and their family members on alternatives to a guardianship and assists senior citizens (age 60+) with elder law issues such as simple estate planning and administering small estates. 

Our team provides legal assistance and advice, community education, representation in court and administrative hearings, referrals, and training on legal issues to seniors over 60 in social or economic need including the following:

  • Housing:  Landlord/tenant disputes, assisted living, evictions, and reasonable accommodations of disabilities
  • Consumer Debt: Collections, predatory lending, deceptive business practices, and utility disconnects
  • Elder Abuse: Protective orders
  • Advance Directives: Wills, durable and medical powers of attorney, living and testamentary wills
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