Meet the Team

Our Leadership

Deonne E. Contine
Executive Director

Stephanie R.T. Cook
Deputy Executive Director

Jessica Garza
Office Manager

Catherine Leon
Grant & Development Manager

Our Staff

Renee Aguilar
Legal Assistant, Immigration

Itzel Arzate
Intake Coordinator

Olga Garcia Gurrola
Intake Coordinator, Victim Advocacy Unit

Melissa Jimenez
Intake Assistant

Heidi Meek
Self-Help Center Coordinator

Noah Montague,
Immigration Specialist

Michael Reynolds
Legal Assistant, Child Advocacy

Alma Rivera
Legal Assistant, Senior Legal Center

Amanda Stocke
Legal Assistant, Adult Guardianship

Madai Vargas
Legal Assistant, Victim Advocacy Unit

Teresa Wood, Legal Assistant
Legal Assistant, Consumer & Housing

Our Attorneys

Mark A. Beguelin
Child Advocacy – Carson City

Jeff Briggs
Child Advocacy

Elena Butko
Senior Legal Center

Katie Chadliev
Child Advocacy

Kenneth Ching
Child Advocacy

Jennifer Christie
Child Advocacy

Lisa F. Evans
Adult Guardianship

Rita Greggio
Medical-Legal Partnership

Jennifer Jeans
Child Advocacy

Krista Meier
Adult Guardianship

Faith Mileca
Child Advocacy

Marissa Otteson
Child Advocacy & Pro Bono and Volunteer Coordinator

James Newcomb
Child Advocacy

Dave Russell
Senior Legal Center

Will Shogren
Senior Legal Center

David Spitzer
Adult Guardianship

Caryn Sternlicht
Consumer & Housing

Janet E. Traut
Victim Advocacy Unit

Kelly Werth
Child Advocacy – Lyon County

Jill Whitbeck
Victim Advocacy Unit

Anne Williams
Adult Guardianship

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