Self Help

Legal, educational and training materials to self-represent are available to assist you with researching and learning about the following:

  • Court rules, procedure, and civil legal topics
  • Identifying and completing legal forms
  • Legal and non-legal community resources
  • Pro bono attorney advice regarding a variety of issues and topics such as mediation, small claims actions, landlord-tenant disputes, protection orders, and how to represent your self in court

Unfortunately, WLS attorneys cannot represent all individuals who need legal representation.   However, assistance is still available through the WLS Self Help Center.  The Center assists individuals with completing and filing the forms necessary to represent themselves in court as a self-represented (“pro-per” or “pro-se”) litigant.  The Center is open to members of the public for walk-in services.

Free Legal Services - Self Help

Family Division Self Help Center

Representing Yourself In Court

Pro Se Assistance

Family Law Self Help Center

Civil Law Self Help Center

Representing Yourself In Court

Nevada Court Rules

Nevada Revised Statutes

Fair Debt Collection

The Fine Print

Assistance is available over the telephone or via e-mail, as well as to walk-in customers on a first-come-first-served basis.  Information is for self-help purposes.  It is not intended to substitute for legal advice delivered by an attorney.

Staff is neutral and does not provide legal advice, recommend an attorney, provide personal opinion, fill out legal forms or predict a judgment.  Attorney-client privilege or confidentiality does not apply.

We make every effort to keep the website up to date, but make no guarantees about the accuracy of the information on this website.  Washoe Legal Services is not responsible for any consequences that may result from use of the website or reliance on the information provided.  If you are unsure about any information, we encourage you to speak with an attorney who is licensed to practice law in the State of Nevada before taking legal action .

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