About The Campaign

Through the Equal Justice Ahead Campaign, the Washoe Legal Services building will undergo a facility renovation, which will result in a modern, efficient, client-friendly facility that provides increased capacity to serve more clients. The renovation project is tied to the organization’s strategic plan, which outlines the growth opportunities and ways to address the increasing demand for services. 

The current building, which is located at 299 South Arlington Avenue in Reno was built in 1973 and consists of 8,341 square feet. We moved into the building in 2008 and purchased it in 2014. After more than a decade in the current facility, we realize that it can no longer meet our needs. We are rapidly expanding our services, and we need more space and, more importantly, need to make better use of the space we have. The renovation will enable us to reconfigure the floor plan, to allow us to help more people. If one was to take a walk through the building one can easily see the need to bring the building into modern times and the potential that exists for growth.

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What are the benefits?


The building, which was built in 1973, will be redesigned on the interior to create additional private offices, a small conference room, a children’s waiting room, and a large community room. The newly designed space will allow Washoe Legal Services to house more attorneys and assist more clients.


The infrastructure upgrades will include improvements to the lighting and HVAC systems to create a more energy efficient building, decrease utility costs and conserve natural resources.


The newly configured offices will provide increased privacy so that clients can feel more comfortable sharing personal information. New security measures will restrict access to attorney offices.


Washoe Legal Services is a community leader and is focused on supporting our community. The plans include the creation of a large community room that will be used for workshops, classes, legal education, clinics, and other community events.

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