Free legal services in Washoe County, Nevada

"Washoe Legal Services helping the community" - Washoe Legal Services is a non-profit legal services agency that is dedicated to helping qualified residents of Washoe County, Nevada.



Bankruptcy Clinic - A Bankruptcy Education Clinic is held once a month. Call 775.329.2727 for more information and register for the class.

Family Law Clinic - WLS conducts a weekly divorce clinics in both English and Spanish

Protection Order Clinic - WLS conducts a weekly protection order clinic in both English and Spanish.  Due to limited seating, pre-registration is required!  No kids, family or friends.  SPACE IS LIMITED.  To pre-register, call (775) 329-2727.

Self Help Forms Clinic - WLS conducts a weekly clinic to assist pro se clients with their self-help packets and forms. Space is limited. Call 775.329.2727 for more information.



Immigration - Assist victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes with adjustments of their immigration status.

Housing Discrimination - Based on gender, race, color, familial status, religion, national origin, or handicap.

Landlord / Tenant Issues - Involving private landlords, such as illegal lockouts, failure to refund deposits, failure to make repairs or provide essential services, eviction and termination of rental contract.

Consumer Issues - Violations of the Fair Debt Collection Law and wrongful repossession.

Bankruptcy - WLS conducts monthly legal educational clinics about bankruptcy.

Family Law/Domestic Violence - WLS handles divorces and child custody cases involving domestic violence, providing direct legal services by a staff attorney or by finding a probono attorney. WLS also provides direct legal services for appropriate enforcement and/or extensions of Temporary Protective Orders.

Child Advocacy Program - Legal representation for children who are abused or neglected. The program helps to assure protection of the child's legal rights and be a voice for the child in court. Only cases with court involvement are considered for acceptance by Washoe Legal Services; referrals will be considered from the court and several different agencies.

Pro Bono applications will be reviewed and accepted on a case by case basis for individuals who qualify pursuant Federal Poverty guidelines. If appropriate, WLS will find an attorney to handle the case. The average wait time for placement with a probono attorney is one to three months. WLS also offers the option of reduced fee placement with an attorney to handle cases.

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