Rent Increases, Rules or Regulations Changes

How much can a landlord raise your rent?
There is no rent control in Nevada to regulate how much the manager or landlord can raise your rent.

When can a landlord raise your rent?
Month-to-month tenancy: If you are renting month-to month, the manager or landlord is required to give you a 45-day advance written notice of any proposed rent increase.
NRS 118A.300

Week-to-week tenancy: If you are paying less than monthly, for example, week-to-week or every two weeks, you should receive a written notice at least 15 days in advance of any proposed rent increase.
NRS 118A.300

Lease Agreement tenancy: If you have a written lease for a term and it does not contain a provision allowing a rent increase, your rent cannot be increased during the term of the lease.

What if the rent increase happens in the middle of the month?
If your rent increase goes into effect in the middle of the month and you pay on the first of the month, you would pay half your rent at the old rate and the remainder of the rent at the new rate.

What if you cannot afford the rent increase?
If you cannot afford, or do not agree with the rent increase, you should give the manager or landlord a written 30 day notice that you intend to vacate the premises.

Can the landlord change the Rules or Regulations after I enter into a rental agreement?
A rule or regulation adopted after the tenancy begins is enforceable after a 30 day advance written notice of the rule or regulation.

The new rules or regulations must: (a) be for the purpose to promote convenience, safety or welfare of the landlord or tenant; (c) apply to all tenants in a fair manner; (f) not affect the tenant’s obligation to pay rent, utilities or other charges; (g) not affect, before the end of the lease, any right the tenant may have under the lease to keep a pet.
NRS 118A.320

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