Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I call Washoe Legal Services (WLS), will I immediately be able to speak to an attorney?
A: No. The receptionist will ask a series of questions to determine if your case is appropriate for WLS. If it is an emergency,WLS will make every attempt to handle the case immediately. Generally, the case is reviewed by a staff paralegal who will contact you. The paralegal will review the case with the attorney before the client meets with an attorney. Some matters may be solved with guidance from an attorney without actual
representation. Every case is unique.

Q: What types of legal issues are not handled by WLS?
A: Generally criminal and small claims cases will not be handled by WLS.

Q: Is WLS run by the Nevada State courts?
A: No, WLS is a private, non-profit agency designed to assist qualifying resident's of Washoe County with their civil legal problems.

Q: Will there be immediate placement with a Bankruptcy attorney?
A: No, clients must first attend a clinic presented by a bankruptcy attorney and then, if appropriate, they are placed on a waiting list for a volunteer attorney.




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