New Car Purchases

How can I make a good deal when purchasing a new vehicle?
Buying a new car is difficult. There are many choices. For many buyers, new motor vehicles are be most expensive items that they will purchase in their lifetimes (unless they buy a home). It is especially confusing because the "sticker price" on the windshield is often not the best price you can get.

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Used Car Purchases

Does the dealer have to tell me if there is something wrong with the car?
Maybe, under a law passed by the 1997 Nevada Legislature (which can be found at NRS 482.3666-36667), if the odometer registers 75,000 miles or more, the dealer must conduct a reasonably thorough inspection of the vehicles engine and drivetrain. The dealer must disclose to you in writing any defects which were discovered or should have been discovered during the inspection.

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Car Repairs

Who regulates repair shops?
Repair shops or garages, which are businesses which service or repair motor vehicles, must register with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety (DMV) beginning 01/01/98.
NRS Chapter 487
Wreckers and body shops also must register.
NRS 487.070 and NRS 487.610

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Odometer Fraud

How can I identify odometer fraud?
Unless you are trained, you probably cannot identify if the mileage shown on the odometer is accurate. Before purchasing a used car, take it to a mechanic for an inspection. If the seller will not allow you to do so, beware.

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