Truth in Lending

What is the Truth in Lending Act?
The Truth in Lending Act (TILA),was passed by Congress originally in 1968. It provides a uniform manner of calculating and presenting the terms of consumer loans to enable you to compare costs so you can make informed choices about credit. Prior to TILA there were no generally required definitions of loan terms so that consumers were unable compare interest rates and other loan costs. Scams and fraud were pervasive.

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Representing Yourself in Small Claims Court

What is Small Claims Court?
Small Claims Court is a special proceeding designed to resolve disputes involving suits for money damages of $1.00 to $7,500 with less formality than a regular court proceeding. It is held within local Justice Courts and is presided over by a Justice of the Peace (JP). It is designed to be used without hiring a lawyer. The law governing Small Claims Courts is located at NRS, Chapter 73 and Justice Courts Rules of Civil Procedure (JCRCP) 88 -100.

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