About Us

Free legal services in Washoe County, Nevada
"Washoe Legal Services helping the community" - Washoe Legal Services is a non-profit legal services agency that is dedicated to helping qualified residents of Washoe County, Nevada.

Los servicios jurídicos de Washoe son una agencia no lucrativa que se dedica a los residentes que ayudan del condado de Washoe, Nevada de los servicios jurídicos.

Since 1965, Washoe Legal Services has provided civil legal services at no charge to residents of Washoe County who cannot, without a lawyer, access or protect their basic needs. WLS provides a broad representation of services and programs.

Mission Statement
Washoe Legal Services provides free quality legal services and representation to qualified residents to enable them to receive justice in civil legal matters involving human needs and self-sufficiency. Washoe Legal Services also recruits attorneys to provide pro bono services to address unmet legal needs in the community.


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